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VAT increase January 2010

HM Revenue & Customs has created a new enforcement team to crack down on employers who are failing to pay their workers the National Minimum Wage.

Meanwhile, the new 'boiler scrappage scheme', which offers households in England money off the cost of purchasing a new boiler, has come into effect.

And quality pensions in the private sector are in rapid decline, with nine out of 10 defined benefit schemes now closed to new entrants.




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The Finance Function was established in 2001 by Rob Churchward, former CFO of leading Internet entertainment and media shop Bertelsmann Online (bol.com). The aims of the company are to relieve management from the burden of running and controlling a finance function leaving them time to concentrate on the important task of growing the business.  Too much time is spent on managing in-house functions, thus allowing competitive advantage to be lost.

The Finance Function offers a range of services from managing an existing Finance Function through to delivering a fully outsourced finance function.  Clients can have access to an experienced Finance Director to meet their needs and budget. This service can cover ad hoc project work through to regular attendance of an FD at the client's company.

Our services at The Finance Function are aimed at the small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Alliances developed by The Finance Function in other specialist fields such as tax and audit work, will give the client access to a broad skill base, that will contribute to the development of their business.

As an owner/manager of a SME, you have to look at the wider picture to develop and grow your business. As chess players know to their cost, if you spend all of your time thinking about only your own moves, you will almost certainly lose. The accounting services provided by The Finance Function frees up your time and allow you to concentrate on strategic business issues.


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