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  Ask yourself  
1. Do you have a written business plan?2. Do you produce monthly management accounts?                  3. Are they available within 10 days of the month end?

If you answer "NO" to any of the following questions, you need to contact The Finance Function on 0845 330 4031



Beating the competition 

Most business-owners know that they should do competitive analysis, but often they do not know exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it with the most value and least cost. 

10 tips for avoiding bad debts

Bad debts can be a serious hindrance to your cash flow and profitability. Sometimes this can be crucial to the success or failure of your business.

Good marketing is about listening, not talking

Owners of small and medium-sized businesses tend to have more faith in sales than they do in marketing, but this is often due to a misunderstanding of the marketing process.  

Working lunches 

Networking is a very important element in building a business and should be an integral part of any growth strategy. The benefits of building up a network extend far beyond being an opportunity to prospect for new customers or clients.






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